Farming Communities around Fulce

    Farming is the strongest  industry in the Eighth.   Around Fulce, crops such as  Ghreht (shown below) and Krice are grown in large quantities  thanks to the mill on the South of town.  The ghreht can be used to make various sandwich fillings, while krice is very delicious when served with meat.

Ghreht Crop
Artist's portrayal of a crop of ghreht.  Unfortunately,
he isn't that good an artist.

    Unfortunatly, the ground is very damp throughout the year, and crops only have 3 months for a good growing season.  If you would like to take nature walks through the area, it is suggested that you visit in  Quinsuary, when the harvest is just beginning.

    If you would like to take a tour of the farming communities outside Fulce, you can take a tour by stagecoach.  Cost is  15 greckles per person.  With that tour, you will be able to meet the friendly farmers that make up the largest industry in Ephelna.  Tours start on the  15th  of Thrisuary and end on the 37th of Quinsuary. 

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