Road Map of Fulce

Hensar, the penisula where Fulce is located is surrounded by three walls that separate it from the mainland.  This helps keep out some of the riff-raff of the mainland.  Stump thieves, grave robbers, and dirty dungers once covered the area.  With the wall in place, Fulcians can now safely enjoy a glass of Leaf Juice outside.

Highway Map of Hengar
The penisula of Hensar. 

The green areas represent forest.  The blue line splitting Hensar in half is the Kunh river, which supplies Fulce with its water.  Guard stations are set up at the wall to monitor all incoming citizens.  The forest area South of Fulce is an excellent place to have a romantic  picnic with your significant other.  Wildlife such as the Black-eyed Deer and the Hydrophobian Bear reside in the forest, both of which do not attack humans.  If you want to see more wildlife in a contained environment, please visit the Fraig Wildlife Reserve located on the North-West of the penisula.  There, you can find the Wrestling Kargarox, which was captured and brought to Fulce.

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