Attractions in Fulce

Fulce has more than 20 different attractions worth visiting.  Unfortunately, my hands are starting to get tired, so I'll only include a couple.

Timbre Tower
Come see this architectural wonder before that crack on the bottom
gets bigger!

"Timbre Tower" - A resident of Fulce, Jeuy Ediot, wanted to create the tallest structure known in the Eighth.  He took more than 200 trees, chopped them down, and turned them into rectangular pieces of wood.  He then connected them end to end, stuck it in the ground, and, with the help of the rest of the town, lifted it up to it's new resting spot: in the middle of the town park.  This large pole is a symbol of teamwork in Fulce, and is definitly worth visiting before the wood rots. 

City Hall
It's beleived to be here, but how can you tell for sure?

"Camoflage Hall" - When Fulce was formed, the mayor at the time decided a building should be built for the community to discuss how they wanted Fulce to be like.  Unfortunately, complaints rolled in like mad, and the mayor was frustrated and annoyed.  He then proceeded to build a secret team to completly camoflage the building.  Right now, only the mayor and the people who work there know where it is, but some people have claimed that they know where it is.  Our artist painted what is believed to be the town hall in the picture above.

Some of the lesser known attractions include the Rooftop Elder, the
man who has lived on top of his roof because "all creature who dwell on land are fools".  Or, if you are in a laughing mood, you can see the  very first attempt at building a house with stone.  There are too many to name!