Eating in Fulce

Picture you and your spouse coming into a building on a cold day in Novender.   Rain is falling, and the streets are full of water.  As soon as you take your first step inside, you are greeted by a roaring fire and you immediately  feel the warmth coming from it.  Odds are, your house is either on fire or you are inside "Portak Budkin's Eatery".  Everything there is made over an open fire,  and you can sit and relax in front of a fire on those cold days.  They serve only the finest imported leaf juice from Glorthorred.

Glock's Grecklery
There used to be buildings around the bar, but
loud parties made them close and move to a
quieter area of town. 

If you want a more casual dining place, then you should head over to "Glock's Grecklery".  They have a wide variety of beverages and enter tainment.  After a hard day of work, what's a better way to relax then to watch some amateurs put on a play they just started rehearsing yesterday?  Rated 5 stars for their speedy service and prompt medical attention.

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