Festivals in Fulce

Every year, around the 21st of Quarsuary, dungers and Smitemasters alike come from around the Eighth to compete in the revered "Roach circle of Death".  The exterminator starts in the middle of a circle when eight roaches are placed around him.  The objective is to kill all the roaches while taking the least amount of steps.  Unfortunately, there are always some casualties, mostly caused by friends making bets with people while intoxicated.  Below is a picture of Beethro Budkin getting ready for some roach smiting.

Roach Circle
Not all smitemasters are created equal.

Other events in the festival include  a rousing game of "Eye Ball", a game invented right here in Fulce.  The rules are very simple, so anyone can play it at his or her house .  Find a round object, and paint a large dot on it.  The first person throws it while the rest of the people rin.  When the eye lands, whoever the dot is pointing at loses, and is forced to leave the game.  If the eye lands facing down, all the people rush to take it and throw it at the person who threw it to begin with.  If they get hit, they are out.  An excellent party game!